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If you want a wet room installed in your commercial or residential property in Newcastle, UK, then allow experts like Newcastle Wet Room Specialsist to give you the best supplies and services. Our company is happy to help you build your own wet room to address the growing needs of your family. We are here to be more than just your contractor; because we will make sure that you will achieve your dream wet room.

Excellent Features of a Wet Room:

  • Highly functional, yet stylish
  • Works well with tiny bathrooms
  • Adds value to your property
  • Hassle-free cleaning and low maintenance
  • All areas are secured with waterproofing agents

Here are factors to remember before planning your wet room project:

  • Waterproofing – this is what sets a wet room apart from the other types of bathrooms. This component serves as the protection of all the areas in a wet room. Priming the wall, installing a waterproof membrane and tile installation are just some of the tasks involved. This is best left to the experts to ensure the quality of the output.
  • Layout – our experts recommend that the drain should have a considerable distance from the door to avoid the water from overflowing. Your bathroom fitter can help you carefully lay out the working plan.
  • Materials – the materials that you should choose must be non-porous or those that offer resistance to mould and moistures. Ceramic or porcelain tiles offer this feature. These materials will help you avoid unnecessary maintenance and repairs in the future.

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There really is no other company like us who has the best services and supplies with reasonable prices. For this reason, we have remained as the most trusted company in Newcastle. For all you design, supply, and installation needs, you know Newcastle Wet Room Specialists is the only name to trust. To get free a consultation and quotation, get in touch with our specialists today.

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